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In every Kindermusik class, you’re welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where your child will experience music of varying styles, genres, and cultures.They’ll interact with other children and engage in movement, rhythm, and vocal activities that develop far more than just music skills.Our approach to early childhood education and award-winning, research-based, and developmentally appropriate curricula prime children for success in school and in life.


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Start Date Day/Time Class Ages Licensed Educator Status
Join Anytime Sat/9:30AM Level 2 2-3 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Wed/9:30AM Level 2 2-3 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Mon/10:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-5 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Sat/10:30AM Mixed-Ages 0-5 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Tues/11:15AM Mixed-Ages 0-5 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Sat/11:45AM Level 1 1-2 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Thur/9:30AM Level 2 2-3 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Tues/10:00AM Level 1 1-2 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Sat/1:30PM Foundations 0-1 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Thur/11:45AM Foundations 0-1 Nancy Jones Enrolling
Join Anytime Thur/10:30AM Level 1 1-2 Nancy Jones Enrolling
16 Jul 2018 Mult/1:00PM Level 4 4-6 Nancy Jones Enrolling

Our Policy

Membership: Sing With Nancy LLC offers Kindermusik® as a year round program with simple equal monthly payments.

Terms & Subscription:
Remember, you can join anytime and you don't have to worry about payment. Your credit / debit card on file will automatically be charged tuition on file each month. Your spot is always saved for you, but if you need to take a break at any time, just let me know before your payment is due for the next month! Easy!

First Class is Free!
At Sing With Nancy your first class is always free. Simply reserve your spot through the Kindermusik® website to let me know you are coming. You will receive a confirmation that the class you are interested in previewing is available. If for some reason the class is not a good fit for your child, you are welcome to try a different class.

Subscription Enrollment with Monthly Payment:
Your membership is conveniently broken into low monthly payments and includes Kindermusik® Digital @Home Materials every 5 weeks. You will have new music, and a treasure trove of developmentally appropriate activities with each brand new theme in class. Yours to keep for a lifetime!

Payment Procedures:
Automatic Payment System: With EZ Enroll your account will be charged when you enroll. You will be pro-rated according to the date of the first class. Then your account be charged the date of the first class and on the same day every month.

Please register online. It will assure your e-mail is on file to receive your @ Home digital materials and give me your contact information.

Taking a Break from classes:
If you need to take a break, please let me before your payment is due for the next month.

Make-up Policy:
We offer unlimited make-up classes. You may also make up any class in one of the Family classes, designed for multiple ages. Please schedule your make up before hand to assure there is enough space for you and your child to attend comfortably.

Tuition pays for your child’s spot in class regardless of attendance.
There will be no monetary refunds given for studio closings for holidays and inclement weather. In the event inclement weather forces me to close the studio, Additional times will be offered to allow make-ups for those missed classes.

Weather and Emergency Closing Policy:
If forced to cancel / close, an e-mail will be sent to all families. We will try and post to Facebook and Website when possible.

Parent/Caregiver Viewing:
There is a comfortable room in the back that is available for any adults that want to wait nearby for their older child in class. Some children in the 3s and 4s class may still need an adult present with them in class during the first few weeks. This is very common. I will work with you and your child to make them feel comfortable and safe. Until then, you are always welcome to attend with your child.

How to select the appropriate class:
Please register your child in the class that corresponds to their age first. If you feel your child is developmentally suited to a different class the best way to tell is to try it out. Here are the guidelines to determining which class would be the best fit for your child.

General Policies:
1.For safety reasons and comfort of the class, older siblings are not allowed on the floor during a younger sibling’s class unless the class is a Family class.
2.Parents may observe their older child in class but MUST stay in the viewing area in front or back of the enclosed area of the room.
3.Please reserve a spot before bringing a friend to preview a class with you. This prevents overcrowding of our limited class size.
4.No food or drinks are allowed on the carpet.
5.Please remove your child’s and your own shoes when entering. We like to keep the floor as clean as possible for the little ones still so close to the ground.
6.Please save your chatting with friends for before or after class.

Sing With Nancy
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